Meat from all over the world

We sell meat from all over the world. Iberico pork from the south of Spain, farm pork from Sweden, tender beef from North America, South America, Australia, Namibia, Ireland as well as the European continent, and lovely lamb meat from New Zealand and England.

Our own regional meat specialities

Of course, we don't forget about our own regional meat specialities either: Dutch grass lamb, Vechtdal beef, Gaasterlands pork and Mangalica pork (Hungarian pigs) from Zuidwolde in Drenthe province, are all standard products in our assortment. And we've got an extensive range of frozen meat as well. Special shock freezers ensure that the frozen products are of the best, consistent quality.

Pick something from our wide range of meat and cold meats

In addition to our meat assortment, HANOS also offers more than 500 different types of cold meats, whole or cut. Again, with a great variety of origins. For example from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Truly international cold meats! Please find our extensive assortment, which has something for your vegetarian guests too, on this page. Would you like to sample some of our meat and cold meats? Visit the butcher's department in one of our wholesale stores, where you'll find a new sample product on the tasting table every other week.