Game meat in accordance with regulations

Our poultry and game are expertly processed under optimal conditions in our game factory in Apeldoorn. During the game season this is a place of bustling activity to provide you with a piece of game for your guests. This takes place, of course, under strict veterinary control and in accordance with the EEC standards and HACCP quality assurance guidelines. HANOS is specialised not just in Dutch game: we also supply top-class game from Scotland, South Africa and other countries.

Choose from our extensive range of poultry and game

Besides game and poultry meat, a variety of products that include game are also available from your wholesaler: a delicious terrine, for example, and various pâtés and rillettes, wild salamis and exclusive Bertolini hams. On this page you'll find an extensive range of poultry, game and insects - from pigeon, spring chicken and guinea fowl to Peking duck, quail and foie gras.
Would you like an introduction to our range of game? Every two weeks you'll find another product to sample on our tasting table in the wild game department.